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About Fun for Life

WELCOME to the Dynamic Travel Agents Rewards Program - Funjet Vacations Fun for Life!

Fun for Life gives you the opportunity to reward your clients, and yourself, when you sell Funjet Vacations. All you have to do is become a registered member and continue to book Funjet Vacations. Each qualified Funjet Vacations booking, will earn you "Fun-Jets". The "Fun-Jets" that you earn will allow you to cash in on cool merchandise, bonus commission certificates, travel and more!

Take a look in the catalog section of the site to see some of the products available not only for you, but for your clients too! After all, we want you to look like a star to your clients by providing them with those extra special touches that will make them come back to you again and again, plus send referral business your way!

If you have not registered as of yet, click here to SIGN UP and create your membership profile. Upon submitting your registration form, please make sure to have your owner/manager fill out the Agency Declaration Form so that you will be able to redeem your "Fun-Jets"! You will receive an email with your log on information, so make sure to keep your log on information in a safe place.

We thank you for your interest in the Fun for Life program and your continued support of Funjet Vacations.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Overview

Registration Process

Account Log on Information

Earning "Fun-Jets"

Account Changes


500 Club

Customer Service

Program Overview

Q - What is Fun for Life?

A - Fun for Life is Funjet Vacations Travel Agents Rewards Program created specifically for travel agents. The program was designed to provide tools to enhance agent/client relationships as well as Funjet/agent/agency relationships in addition to allowing agents and agencies to reward themselves.

Registration Process

Q - How do I become a Fun for Life member?

A - Click on "Sign Up" and follow the registration process online, it's that easy! After registering online, you will receive an email with your log on information. Please be sure to keep this information in a secure place.

Q - What type of information does Funjet Vacations need for my Fun for Life registration?
a. Agent contact information

b. Agency contact information

c. IATA #

d. VAX Name, AgentNet, Sabre Vacations, or WorldSpan ID

e. Social Security # (required by IRS)

f. Social Insurance # (Canadian agents only)

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Q - What is an "Agency Status Declaration"?

A - The "Agency Status Declaration" is a downloadable form that is the final step of the registration process that must occur before any redemption may take place. Each agency owner/manager must decide how their agents will be able to redeem their Fun for Life "Fun-Jets". The agency owner/manager completes the "Agency Status Declaration" form and declares:

A. Agents will be allowed to accrue and redeem "Fun-Jets" individually.


B. Only the agency owner/manager will redeem all "Fun-Jets" for the entire agency.

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Q - Which agency status is best for my business?

A - As an agency owner/manager, we give you the choice of how the Fun for Life program will be accruing "Fun-Jets" and then administered within your agency. The vast majority of owner/managers elect to have individual agents earn and redeem "Fun-Jets" on their own. Some owners/manager instead choose to pool all of the "Fun-Jets" earned by their agents and in this case, only they can redeem the "Fun-Jets" that have been earned.
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Q - How do I change the declared status of my agency?

A - Simply download the "Agency Status Declaration" form and fill out completely. Make sure to check the box on the form that reads "This is a change in status from the original declaration that was sent." The Fun for Life Support Desk team will notify you once the change in status has been made.

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Account Log in Information

Q - What is my log on for my Fun for Life account?

A - Once registered, you will receive an email from the Fun for Life Team with your log on information. Please keep your log on information in a secure place. Please note that you’re Fun for Life member ID # will not be the same as your VAX name.

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Q - When can I log on to my Fun for Life account?

A - Once you have completed the registration process you will be automatically logged on to your NEW Fun for Life account.

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Q - I lost my Fun for Life email containing my log on information, what do I do?

A - Click on Log on under the Membership Zone. Click on Forgot ID or Password? Then, enter in your email address and you will automatically receive an email with your log on information. Please keep this in a secure place. The email address you enter must match the email address you have on your Fun for Life account.

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Q - I have already signed up for Fun for Life, but have not created a password so I am unable to log in, what do I do?

A - In the Log On section of the website, click on New User?. Enter in your first name, last name and the last 4 digits of your social security number and you will be prompted to create a password. Then, you will be automatically logged into your Fun for Life account and an email containing your log on information will be sent to you shortly after.
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Earning "Fun-Jets"

Q - What types of bookings will earn "Fun-Jets"?

A - As an agent, you will earn "Fun-Jets" for booking Funjet Vacations; In order to qualify to earn "Fun-Jets", bookings must be made through VAX VacationAccess, Sabre Vacations, AgentNet or WorldSpan Select. "Fun-Jets" will be earned on commissionable sales. "Fun-Jets" will not be earned on bookings made through the GDS, an agency's Go Funjet website, or the call center.
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Q - How many "Fun-Jets" will I earn for each Fun for Life qualified booking? UPDATED 8/13/08
A - "Fun-Jets" are earned based on the type of booking that is made and this is an automatic process that Funjet Vacations will complete for you, so you don't have to worry about keeping track of this yourself! "Fun-Jet's" are deposited into your Fun for Life account 7 - 14 days after your clients' travel departure date. "Fun-Jets" are deposited into accounts on a weekly basis. The base program for calculating "Fun-Jets" is as follows:

Type of Booking
Land Only
Air + Hotel Package
Air + Hotel + Excursion Package
# of "Fun-Jets" for every $50 in Commissionable Sales

Q – What is the Funjet Multiplier?

A - As of 8/15/08 agents will earn “Fun-Jets” based on a new multiplier:
• Air/Hotel/Excursion = 3 “Fun-Jets”
• Air/Hotel = 2 “Fun-Jets”
• Land Only = 1 “Fun-Jet”
• Air Only = 0

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Q - Using the new multiplier, what is the definition of an excursion?

A - An excursion is any optional feature greater than $30 per person that is not auto-pulled onto a reservation. Examples of excursions include but are not limited to: golf, show tickets, limo transfers and bus tours. *Theme Park tickets and non-stop bus transfers are not applicable.

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Q - When do I start earning "Fun-Jets"?

A - You begin earning "Fun-Jets" after you have completed the registration process and have received your log on confirmation from the Fun for Life Team.
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Q - Will I earn “Fun-Jets” on bookings made prior to registering for Fun for Life?

A - Bookings created prior to registration will not earn “Fun-Jets”. You will earn “Fun-Jets” on reservations booked after your registration date for Fun for Life.
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Q - I keep hearing about bonus "Fun-Jets", how do I earn them?

A - You will be able to earn bonus "Fun-Jets" which are "Fun-Jets" that can be earned in addition to the base program. We will communicate any bonus "Fun-Jet" offers to you via the Fun for Life website, VAX Vacation Access, and email! Check out the promotions page for any bonus “Fun-Jet" opportunities.
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Q - Do I earn "Fun-Jets" for group bookings?

A - Yes, you earn Double "Fun-Jets" for your Air/Hotel and Single “Fun-Jets” for your land only Group Bookings.
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Q - How many "Fun-Jets" do air only group bookings earn?

A - Air only group bookings do not earn "Fun-Jets".
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Q – When and how do “Fun-Jets” expire?

A – As of 8/15/08 there will be a new schedule for the expiration of “Fun-Jets.” Expiration will occur four times a year, “Fun-Jets” will expire after two years on the following schedule: 1/31, 4/30, 7/31 and 10/31. The new expiration schedule will start 10/31/08. Agents with inactive accounts (no bookings in the past 6 months) will also expire on the “Fun-Jets” expiration schedule.
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Account Changes

Q - What happens to my "Fun-Jets" if I move to another agency?

A - If you were employed in an agency that accrues and redeems "Fun-Jets" individually, your "Fun-Jets" will remain in your personal Fun for Life account for 6 months. In order to earn “Fun-Jets" at your new agency, you must contact the Fun for Life Team to update your Fun for Life account with your new agency information. If the Fun for Life Team is not notified within 6 months, all "Fun-Jets" in your Fun for Life account will be expired.


If you were employed in an agency where the owner/manager redeems all "Fun-Jets", then any "Fun-Jets" that you earned will stay in the owner/manager's Fun for Life account. In order to earn “Fun-Jets" at your new agency, you must contact the Fun for Life Team to update your Fun for Life account with your new agency information.

Q - What if I create a new VAX VacationAccess Name, AgentNet Username, Sabre Agent ID or WorldSpan Name?

A - Any "Fun-Jets" earned under the previous ID/Name will remain with that ID/Name, until the Fun for Life Team is notified with the agent's new ID/Name. Then, all of the "Fun-Jets" will be moved over to the new ID/Name from the previous ID/Name. The Fun for Life Team must be notified within 6 months; otherwise, the "Fun-Jets" in the old ID/Name will expire.
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Q - How do I update my Email Address?

A - To update your email address, login to your Fun for Life Account. Then click on My FFL Account Info and select Change you Fun for Life Account Information
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Q - What items can I redeem my "Fun-Jets" for?

A - Funjet Vacations' Fun for Life Travel Agents Rewards Program provides you with a variety of options for you, your clients or your business. "Log In" to view all of the items available for redemption.

Q - How do I redeem?

a. Log On to your Fun for Life account

b. Select items from the catalog

c. Order online

d. "Fun-Jets" are subtracted from your account for any redemptions automatically

e. Your items will then be sent out to you

Q – What redemptions are subject to 1099 Reporting?

A – An individual or sole proprietor that has redemptions within a calendar year that amount to $600.00 or more will be subject to 1099 reporting. Questions regarding 1099’s should be directed to your tax preparer or the Internal Revenue Code.

Q - What are Bonus Commission Certificates?

A - Bonus commission certificates were created in order to pay you, our valued travel agents, bonus money for your booking loyalty! Bonus commission certificates come in denominations of $25 and $50, which can be redeemed in booklets of $100, $250, and $500. The bonus cash is available on your next Air/Hotel Funjet Vacations reservation using 1 certificate per booking. Bonus commission certificates may not be used on group bookings and are not combinable with travel certificates, travel vouchers, and other incentives. Please review Rules/regulations for further details.

Q - How do I redeem my "Fun-Jets" for travel?

A - "Click here for the different travel options available to you!"

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500 Club

Q - I am a 500 Club Member, what extra perks do I get?

A - As a 500 Club Member you will have opportunities to earn "Fun-Jets" faster so you can redeem faster with promotions exclusive to 500 Club Members throughout the year

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Customer Service

Q - What if I have a question about the Fun for Life program?

A - You may contact the Fun for Life Team at 1-888-FJV4FUN or by emailing

Q - What if I have a question in regards to the fulfillment of items redeemed online?

A - Visit "Customer Service" for contact information and detailed fulfillment information.

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